Valsey and Me

Valsey and Me all began when Valerie, while visiting a friend's home, reached for soap in the bathroom and was greeted by a wet, slimy mess, a bar of soap that had just been used by another guest.  "There must be a better way," she thought.  Thus was born the idea of single use guest soap.  

Use a small chip once and discard it.  The next guest then selects a fresh, unused chip for themselves.  Personalization of each chip was an obvious next step for this former fashion executive, adding that special something to the product, making each gift just a little different.  Additional customization options were added and a favorite was born.

After Oprah, In Style and The Chicago Tribune featured these soaps, she knew she was on to something big.

Bridal showers, Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs and party favor orders began rolling in daily. Each piece of uniquely printed hand wrapped soap was putting smiles on faces all around the world.

It's the little things that seem to make a difference in one’s day and Valerie of Valsey and Me is doing that by creating fun, unique sayings on assorted scents of soap while keeping households and business’s clean at the sink.

After so many years with success in the disposable chips, Valsey and Me has recently launched Liquid soap in 5 assorted fragrances. 

Valerie lives with her husband, 3 kids and dog in New York.